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Brian Dailey MD, FACEP, FACFE

Biofield Imaging In Energy Healing

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Brian Dailey MD has been an integral part of our international conferences since 2000. He attended the 1st The Icelandic Dialogues: Healing The Healers-an international conference, Chaired by Jacqueline Mast PT, MSEd, and the subsequent conferences since. Dr. Dailey trained in Surgery and Emergency Medicine, with faculty appointments at the University of Rochester in Surgery and Laser Safety, and Rochester General Hospital in Emergency Medicine. He is a Professional Research member and teaches Energy Medicine with Allyn Evans MBA at the world-renowned Monroe Institute,a premiere center for mind-conscious research, in Faber, Virginia.


Dr Dailey will demonstrate the Biofield imaging system designed by UK physician,Harry Oldfield,MD. Biofield Imaging will show high resolution, live energy changes in people, crystals, sound … to document real-time changes as they occur.

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