Jason Michelle Patterson, MAEd, LMT

My Multifaceted Soul

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From Seattle, Washington, USA, Jason is an intuitive energy healer, massage therapist, photographer, artist, and teacher. Jason easily connects into galactic, multidimensional, and elemental realms to bring in Light Language for activations, upgrades, and healing. Light Language, sometimes called Soul language are sound frequencies (when spoken) that come from Source unlocking codes that are buried deep in one’s DNA. Using this “energetic technology” she has also been able to connect with her “other selves” or what she calls Soul-Fractal Selves as well as other multidimensional beings.

Presentation Info:

Follow Jason on a visual journey as she shares her Multidimensional, Galactic Soul-Fractal Selves with you. Over the past few years, she has had the privilege of meeting several of her “other” selves in what some might call “past life recalls”. However, she has come to believe that these are not past lives but are very much concurrent lives, just in other space times. To her surprise, most of those whom she has met, are not human but are of her Galactic and Dragon lineages. Crazy, right?! She thought so, too. She looks forward to sharing what she has learned about them/me/us...with all of you.