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Shannon Beatrice Chanler, MA, LAc

Returning to Wholeness: an East Asian Medicine Lens.

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From Geneseo, New York, USA, Shannon B Chanler is a Chinese medicine practitioner and a farmer of East Asian Medicinal herbs in Western NY. She developed and ran an integrative medicine program at the Rochester Regional Hospital Lipson Cancer Center for nine years. There she treated hospital out-patients and admitted patients with acupuncture, qigong, EAM(East Asian Medicine) herbs, taught meditation and dietary therapy.
Presently, her acupuncture / EAM practice is located at Fallbrook Farms - where she grows botanical medicinal and partners with her daughter on community development and agricultural education efforts in Western NY.
Prior to her acupuncture profession, she danced in professional touring companies, obtained a Master’s degree in Movement Analysis and Dance performance. Following her retirement in dance performance, Shannon worked with movement for sports efficiency, movement therapy for outpatient psychiatric and at a convalescent hospital for children.
Shannon enjoys fun with her three grown children, two grandchildren, two dogs, two horses, five sheep, one goat and one cat.

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So many of us have experienced fragmentation in our lives. Cognitive dissonance has become a daily experience for some. Then we have been stretched to the max responding to the demands of healthcare. Where do we recover our wholeness and resilience? East Asian Medicine has some perspectives and can help us rebound with resiliency.

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