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Therese Martell-Bosshardt


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From Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Terese is President of Empowering STEPS, LLC. She has B.S. from Cornell University in Consumer Economics and Nutrition. Therese is a Certified Educational Trainer with The Institute of HeartMath™, a Reiki Master, and Certified Life Coach. Therese is also certified to teach individuals how to activate the etheric 12-strand DNA. This synergy of conventional and progressive
study provides a comprehensive foundation for her clients.

Presentation Info:

Therese will present her coaching philosophy which is centered on resilience through the integration of energy management skills. Therese’s clients regain resiliency, or the capacity to prepare for and recover from stress, adversity, and challenges, by cultivating greater psychoemotional reserves and resiliency. Clients live a more balanced, empowered life, which is proactive rather than reactive. These skills are achieved through the practice of specialized techniques based on performance physiology and heart-brain communication research.

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