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Brian D. Dailey MD, FACEP, FACFE

The Latest and Greatest in Biofield Imaging

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Dr Dailey has been an integral part of Healing the Healers since its inception. He is a traditional allopathic physician and laser surgery engineer who practices integrative medicine in addition to Surgery, and Emergency Medicine. Dr Dailey has practiced Energy Medicine and Healing throughout his life. He is a traditional Ushui Reiki Master and practices a wide range of modalities including Cranial-Sacral, Crystals, Acupressure, Essential Oils, Sound Therapies, and others. Dr Dailey is a member of the professional division, board of advisors, and board of directors’ emeritus of the Monroe Institute, which is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness. He is involved in research at the Monroe Institute in the use of sound in producing enhanced states of expanded consciousness, and along with Biofield Imaging of Human Energy Fields, teaches a 6-day course in Energy Healing with Allyn Evans MBA, RMT. Brian & Allyn formed Energy Medicine Squared to bring Energy Healing Experiences around the globe on all continents.

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