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Valerie J. Tay, dba Val Joy

Active Yoga Meditation for Women and Men Who Dare

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Willow Practitioner and Trainer
Some 10 years ago, Valerie found herself at the side of the road, tossed out of a well-worn rut, still searching for how to live life well. Her wanderlust found a still point when she met Rita Harrison and experienced The Willow System’s circular, feminine, You-focused art of healing. Its techniques and sessions worked so quickly and efficiently that Valerie’s frustration became a passion to gobble up as many of workshops and trainings as she could. With the transition from client to practitioner and now instructor, Val aspires to continue the legacy of helping people expand their capacity to heal and enjoy life with Willow Self and Family Care Classes, Resume Builders and other How-To’s.

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How To "How To Teach Others" About: *Expansion *Energy Management and *Igniting Their Own and Others’ Passions

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