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Valerie J. Tay, dba Val Joy

Psst...Have You Noticed That New Times Need New Modalities?

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Trained as a journalist, Valerie stopped in her tracks about 10 years ago and began noticing her own passions instead of supporting and chronicling others’. After acquiring certification in a variety of Willow System healing modalities and treatments, she began helping people rewrite their stories by getting unstuck and creating fluid movement in their lives – mind, body and soul. With the publication of Sombreros and Water Wheels, Rita Harrison’s Amazing World of AYM, she has returned to her roots to narrate more accounts of hope, health and happiness!

Presentation Info:

How have the global and local changes disrupted your sense of normalcy?

If you’re looking to regain stability, balance and clarity, The Willow System Body Organization and AYM are two modalities designed to help you create your New Normal.
Both integrate western and eastern medical science and use a multi-level, circular approach that eschews diagnoses that put you into a box. What you do get from the WSB is a profound timeout to put back the fuses that have been blown by the stressful collective lifestyle, and AYM more tools to keep the fuses from going out. They work hand-in-hand to reconnect you with all of your body, mind and soul resources.

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